January 2009

Philosophy Talk and the Paradoxical Facebook Contest

So we're approaching  1,000 fans on our  Philosophy Talk Facebook Page and we say to ourselves,  "We ought to have a contest.  Maybe we could give the 1,000th fan and the person, if any,  who invited the 1000th fan to become a fan some really cool philosophy related prizes."

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The First Annual Dionysus Awards

Philosophy Talk is initiating a new movie award. I know; I know. Do we really need yet another movie award? We've got the Oscars; the Golden Globe; the National Society of Film Critics, the People's Choice Awards .... So what's the point of another, you ask?

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Philosophy and history

It seems likely that an important part of the evolution of language (and thought and consciousness, for that matter) had to do with sharing information.  Intelligence means using information to guide action.  With much of what we do, the link between information and action is hardwired; we perceive that we are falling, we balance ourselves; we see a projectile coming at us; we duck; we feel hunger, gaining the information that we need food, and we eat.

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