December 2005

God had a Technical Difficulty

We had a really great show on Tuesday.  Unfortunately,  due to technical difficulties,  no one will ever be able  to hear it again.   Because of a series of miscommunications, the show didn't get recorded.   We are terribly, terribly sorry about this.   We apologize to our affiliates and to those who listen to the show via the internet.   

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Why Believe (or Disbelieve) in God?

Today's show is about the existence, or non-existence, of God.     Our guest will be Walter Sinnot-Armstrong.  This is Walter's second appearance on Philosophy Talk.  He did a great job on our episode about moral dilemmas.   And we're pleased to have him back.

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The Dark Allure of Idealism

On our now not so recent episode about Berkeley, with David Hilbert, I said in passing that idealism, in some form or other, is permanently tempting. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in idealism. I consider myself a realist and a physicalist. Not only do I think that the world is (largely) independent of mind. I also think that the mind is ultimately just a part of that mind-independent world. That is, the mind is ultimately built out of and reducible to stuff that is not yet mind. Or so I would argue. So I don't come here to defend idealism.

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