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This month we're featuring episodes from the archives where John and Ken focus on big thinkers born in May: Niccolò Machiavelli, Søren Kierkeegaard, Karl Marx, and John Stuart Mill. There's also an episode where Josh and Ray question the checkered legacy of Sigmund Freud, asking their colleague Blakey Vermeule "What Has Replaced Freud?"

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Political Economy   Edit

What are the best economic policies for advancing human welfare? Should markets be regulated by the state? Or should we trust that individuals’ self-interest will lead to the best outcomes? How ought wealth and power be distributed, both nationally and internationally? These are some of the questions we tackle in this series generously sponsored by an anonymous donor.

A Philosophical Guide to the Cosmos   Edit

If ever there was a timeless philosophical question, "What is the ultimate nature of the universe?" must count as one of the most fascinating. In this eight-episode series, sponsored by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, we invite listeners on a grand philosophical journey through the cosmos, tackling deeply puzzling questions about the nature of the universe, and our knowledge of it.

The Art of Living   Edit

In 2013, Philosophy Talk collaborated with the Stanford Continuing Studies program to create The Art of Living, a very special series of classes and radio tapings: All of us must make fundamental life choices and decide what is most valuable to us. We may opt for a life of reason and knowledge; one of faith and discipline; one of nature and freedom; one of community and altruism; or one of originality and style. We may even choose to live our lives as though they were works of art.