June 2005

Improving the World vs Improving my Country

Thanks to  Peter Singer for helping us to put on a good show yesterday.  It was certainly  an interesting, lively conversation.  The phone lines were constantly filled.  So we do seem to have touched some nerve.   Unfortunately, there were many  more callers than we had time to get to.

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Negotiating Identities: The Crash Solution

Thanks very much to Anthony Appiah for being our guest on the show last week.   You can check out the episode here.

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Intergenerational Obligations and the Rope of Lives

Yesterday on the show,  John came up with a really nice metaphor.   He compared a generation to a small strand in a long rope.  Each strand is closely intertwined with a number of other nearby strands, but mostly  the strands don’t make direct contact with each other.  If you think of the rope as growing over time,  the metaphor captures a very nice fact about  relationships among the generations.  No one strand lasts very long, for example.  But the rope endures by having new strands begin where other strands have left off.   I like the  metaphor a lot and want to use it to explore a litt

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