May 2015

How Do We Get From Noise to Meaning?

  How do we get from noise to meaning? Well, however we do it, the result is a sort of a miracle.  I say, “Aristotle had a mole on his back.”  I manage to refer to Aristotle, whom I never met, to put it mildly,  --- he  lived very long ago and very far away.  And I manage to get everyone else to think about Aristotle.  Damn amazing.

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Unconditional Love

I should start out by admitting that unconditional love is rare and difficult thing. Parents may profess to love their children unconditionally. But how often do children test the limits of parental love? Couples in the first blush of new love may make dewy-eyed promises to love each other for better or for worse. But how often do such promises give way to betrayal and recrimination? Still, it’s an amazing gift when it does happen. And it’s one that we all want. We all want someone who will love us forever, through thick and thin, no matter what we do or become.

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