August 2007

Flirting as a two-step dance

I start out thinking that flirting probably has a sort of "Gricean" structure. By that I mean a couple of things. First, it seems to me that you flirt with someone by intending to flirt with them. It's one thing to cause sexual arousal in another person by a look or a walk or a word or your tone of voice or the tilt of your head. But unless you intend to cause arousal by that means, it doesn't seem right to my ear to say that you are flirting with them.

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Suscribe to the Phiosophy Talk Download Service!!

We are very pleased to announce that Philosophy Talk has launched a subsciption-based download service. For more details and to sign up now go to our webpage There you can subscribe to Philosophy Talk downloads for automatic, weekly delivery. By subscribing to our download service, every future epsiode of Philosophy Talk will be delivered to you shortly after it has completed its broadcast run.

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Playful Intentions and the Problem of the Hypno-Flirt

posted by Carrie Jenkins Hi all - and thanks Ken and John for the invitation to be on the show today and to write for this blog.

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