December 2008


  When I was in graduate school at Cornell from 1964 until 1968, and for some time after that, American philosophy was dominated by two Harvard philosophers, W.V.O. Quine and John Rawls.  Quine's books were required reading not only in the philosophy of language, but also in courses in metaphysics and ontology and epistemology, where his radical extensionalism seemed to be the starting point for rethinking everything.

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Welcome Valley Public Radio Listeners

We at Philosophy Talk are really pleased to begin airing on Valley Public Radio, covering Fresno, Bakersfield, and  California's Central Valley, beginning Thursday December 11th at 7pm.   We're really excited about the opportunity to engage with you all about life, love, culture, science,  religion and the whole range of topics we cover on our show.  

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Why not buy and sell kidneys?

  Commerce in certain bodily parts is allowed, at least if we define `bodily part' rather broadly: blood, eggs, sperm.  But one cannot sell a kidney, even though we have two of them, and it is possible to have one removed for the needs of another without great harm to the donor. More accurately, one probably can sell a kidney, but it is illegal in most if not all countries, and widely thought to be immoral.  But it is OK to donate a kidney, and indeed thought to be a noble act.

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