The First Annual Dionysus Awards
Philosophy Talk

12 January 2009

Philosophy Talk is initiating a new movie award.   

I know;  I know.  Do we really need yet another movie award?  We've got the Oscars; the Golden Globe; the National Society of Film Critics, the People's Choice Awards ....  So what's the point of another, you ask?

Well,  it's fun to talk about movies -- at least the good ones.  But more importantly,  nobody really explicitly applauds movies for their philosophical merits -- though filmmaking can sometimes be a highly philosophical art form.   So why not an award that does just that?  Finally,  what could be cooler than winning a Dionysus Award?  Sounds much cooler than an Oscar or a Golden Globe -- at least to me. 
So on February 8th, we're going to inaugurate our Annual  Dionysus Awards for the most philosophically interesting movies of the year.    Our main guest will be noted film critic David Thomson.   But we'll also be joined briefly by some of our favorite philosopher-cinemaphile who will give their takes on the philosophically most interesting movies of the year.   
We'd love to have you join in the fun.  Submit your own  nomination for a Dionysus Award to   Tell us which movies of 2008 you found most philosophically gripping and why.  If we find your nomination compelling,  we just may include you as a special guest  on our on-air broadcast on the 8th.