Wise Women

Wise Women is a sixteen-episode series about women in philosophy from antiquity to the twentieth century, generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The first season focuses on historical figures from the fifth century to the nineteenth century, and the second focuses on contemporary philosophers. Each episode spotlights a different philosopher and features a different guest scholar in conversation with the hosts. While you may have heard of some of the philosophers featured in the series, many names will be unfamiliar; but this is part of the story we want to tell. Wise Women will be a celebration of philosophy’s unsung heroines, and an opportunity to bring attention to these women’s often overlooked and underrated contributions to philosophy and beyond.


Season 1

Hypatia of Alexandria with Edward Watts from the Univertsity of California San Diego

Hildegard von Bingen with Christina Van Dyke from Columbia University

Elisabeth of Bohemia with Lisa Shapiro from McGill University

Margaret Cavendish with Karen Detlefsen from the University of Pennsylvania

Mary Astell with Allauren Forbes from McMaster University

Im Yunjidang with Hwa Yeong Wang from Georgetown University

Mary Wollstonecraft with Sylvana Tomaselli from the University of Cambridge

Nísia Floresta with Nastassja Pugliese from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Wise Women (pt.1)

Episode Title Guest Related Content

Hypatia of Alexandria

Edward Watts, Professor of History, University of California San Diego

Elisabeth of Bohemia

Lisa Shapiro, Professor of Philosophy, McGill University

Mary Astell

Allauren Samantha Forbes, Professor of Philosophy and of Gender and Social Justice, McMaster University