Can Technologies Be Monstrous?

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s brilliant novel, Frankenstein. So it’s a good time to ask: can technologies be monstrous? Can human beings create devices and platforms that run beyond our intentions and out of our control? What dangerous technologies may be lurking on the horizon?

What Makes a Monster?

It's been 200 years since we've been captivated by Mary Shelley's tale of a man creating a living being. From the moment the creature is "born" Victor Frankenstein calls it a monster. But why did the outcome of Frankenstein's prized experiment have to turn out so repulsive?

Philosophy and Shelley's Frankenstein

With its 200th anniversary fast approaching, it might be time to revisit Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Check out this audio clip from the Philosopher's Zone, in which the hosts discuss major themes and the predominant philosophies of the novel's day.