Covid Conundrums and Moral Dilemmas

Sunday, May 31, 2020

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In just months the world changed radically, and we have all had to adjust our lifestyles to stop the spread of Covid-19. Those working on the frontlines are taking on great personal risk while the rest of us are required to socially distance. But even if you follow all the guidelines, you may still face moral dilemmas. Is it ethical to order non-essential goods online, putting low wage workers at risk for your own comfort? What should you do if your roommates refuse to follow the rules, putting your health in danger? And if social distancing means thousands will die alone of non-Covid related diseases, has it gone too far? Josh and Ray put your Covid-related conundrums to Karen Stohr from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, author of Minding the Gap: Moral Ideals and Moral Improvement.


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Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Monday, May 3, 2021 -- 5:36 AM

A lot has happened since May,

A lot has happened since May, 2020. As more people get vaccinations, there are expanding plans for the summer of 2021. Medical professionals are cautiously optimistic. People generally are more hopeful, some becoming careless. But some refuse to think globally. Which is likely a big mistake. I found it quietly ironic, when, upon reading the post notes for this show, I found no comments. Not sure why this is the case. It should have generated some thought and reaction, seems to me. Unless people were so stunned by the pandemic they did not know how to react. And, we still have surges in places like India. Been emailing with my friend in Ecuador. He and his wife have a comfortable life there. He has not mentioned Covid, saying only that healthcare is a fraction of what it costs here, and that it is excellent care as well. I think the sense of the Covid matter remains one of skepticism. For all the reasons we now know---and those we may not.

Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Saturday, April 30, 2022 -- 5:37 AM

I don't travel now. Aside

I don't travel now. Aside from the expense and Covid, it is physically taxing. A friend living in Ecuador sent me information through social media. People there, including authorities, are just as confused as everyone else. There is rebellion against wearing masks. Citizens don't want illness or death but they are fatigued with PPE protocols. I have had all the recommended immunizations---four of them now. I still wear a mask when going to local stores. I don't obsess over it but am careful and leery of crowds in enclosed areas. If I am among the 58% (or 60, depending on who is counting), sobeit. Still have some things I like doing. This blog is one. Cuenca, Ecuador is 8500 feet above sea level. I could handle that! But, I probably won't be going...

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