Return of the Dionysus Awards

Lights... Camera... Philosophy! After a few years of hiatus, our special episode highlighting some of the most philosophical movies of the year is coming back. The Fifth (Mostly) Annual Dionysus Awards will air the week of February 18 − and we want to hear from you. What movies of the past year made you challenge your assumptions and think about things in new ways? Send your nominations to

In the meantime, check out these Dionysus Awards shows from years past. Do you think those films are still worthy of their Dionysian titles?


Of course if you want to take a step back from the big screen to think about movies as vehicles for thinking philosophically, check out our 2006 program with renownd film critic David Thomson.


And if that still ain't enough for the film buffs, go deep into the archives and listen to the individual movies that John and Ken reviewed in the early days of Philosophy Talk: