Extreme Weather Report

When much of the US and Canada had record subzero temperatures, record winter highs swept across Europe. Meanwhile here in California, storms are bringing record rainfall and flooding, with little impact on the ongoing drought. In recognition of the extreme weather that has now become a fact of life for so many, this month's playlist features episodes that deal with our various responses to climate change.

Extreme Weather

Episode Title Guest Related Content

Climate Change and Collective Action

Kieran Setiya, Professor of Philosophy, M.I.T. Climate as a Collective Action Problem

Changing Minds on Climate Change

Michael Ranney, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education Changing Deniers' Minds

The Nature of Wilderness

Jay Odenbaugh, Professor of Philosophy, Lewis & College

The Nature of Wilderness

The Moral Costs of Climate Change

Allen Thompson, Professor of Philosophy, Oregon State University

The Moral Costs of Climate Change

The Environment and Global Justice

Lawrence H. Goulder, Shuzo Nishihara Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics, Stanford University