Back to School

With so many students unable to start their studies in person this fall, "back to school" is somewhat of a misnomer. But the abnormality of this year makes it the perfect time to re-evaluate what we think school is and should be. We present to you a collection of episodes questioning the concept, value, and role of education. 

In 2009, John and Ken asked Stanford's then-Provost (and former John Perry student) John Etchemendy about The Very Idea of the University. Then a few years later they climbed the administrative ladder and asked outgoing Stanford President John Hennessy about The Value of a College Education. But because it's not all about college, Stanford political scientist Rob Reich joined John and Ken for a spirited discussion about the potential conflict between state-mandated education and cultural family values in Education and the Culture Wars

And why leave education to the grownups? In a program recorded live at the University of Washington, John and Ken asked Jana Mohr Lone and an audience of 4th-graders about Philosophy for Children. Finally, in a special program originally broadcast only in the Bay Area, it was a Stanford vs. UC Berkeley smackdown, aka Philosophy and the Alma Mater.

Listen, enjoy, reflect, and let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below!

School and Education

The Idea of the University

The Value of a College Education

Education and the Culture Wars

Philosophy for Children

Philosophy and the Alma Mater