[VIDEO] The Slippery Slope
Eliane Mitchell

16 January 2018

The slippery slope argument is an argument where one action is argued to start a chain of events that will result in undesirable consequences. Take, for example, the argument that "If gay marriage is allowed, then people will want to marry objects or animals." When is the slippery slope argument fallacious and when is it—if ever—compelling?

This video from Wireless Philosophy gives a helpful explanation of the slippery slope argument and how to avoid committing a logical fallacy. Watch it here:


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Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Thursday, January 25, 2018 -- 10:32 AM

The slippery slope is an

The slippery slope is an ultra-conservative bucket of hogwash, having nothing to do with objective reality. It is conventionally evoked when the arguments for and against something effectively cancel one another out. Conservative folks take the approach they believe is most defensible. They do not wish to appear indecisive and 'the slope argument' is a safe bet: if it averts an outcome they abhor, they win. If it proves totally fallacious, they can always say: 'yeah, THIS time...' In either case, they remain true to their roots and righteously indignant at the notion they are being knee-jerk reactionaries.