Reasons to Donate to Philosophy
Sun Lee

01 February 2018

Marco Rubio once said in his campaign trail, America's economy needs "more welders and less philosophers." A recent donation by a billionaire Wall Street investor challenges the common perception that philosophy is impractical and disconnected with the pursuit of economic gains. Value investor Bill Miller gave $75 million to the philosophy department at Johns Hopkins University, where he was once a PhD student. Miller claims that philosophy has benefitted him incredibly as an investor.

This is the largest gift a university's philosophy department has ever received; however, it comes short of the amount STEM programs receive. As the world confronts more complex problems, some think that philosophy holds the key to illuminating humanity's vision. What are some other reasons to give to philosophy? 

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Monday, February 12, 2018 -- 2:14 PM

Why Philosophy: Socrates

Why Philosophy: Socrates believed Philosophy was truth and a philosopher a lover of truth; surely truth is of supreme relevance today as it will always be. Truth is absolute. So what is this truth Socrates could not grasp and cause Ken to write in his essay Why Philosophy : "There may be some deep unity beneath this vast surface diversity. But after all these years, I myself still can’t quite say what that unity comes to." Ken later write most beautifully: "If one could catch a glimpse of the whole, from a perspective outside of this ever unfolding landscape, if you could regard with a certain detached equanimity, it would, I suspect, be a marvelous thing to behold."
That unity Ken is truth!
I think it was Einstein who said that of all the groups he would most want to be associated with it would be the true searchers for which there are only a few living at one time. I think Ken you are one of them, hmmm!
If I might humbly offer some direction here, it would make me most happy to share.
Truth can be found in Nature so Nature is (truth is) the place to look. Find yourself or a river and try to measure it. If you are fortunate to find the river is as nature is, is as Oneself is, truly immeasurable, that unity or truth you are searching for is just around the next bend.
Why Philosophy! One day philosophy will lead science and religion to the river and they will surely drink. Truth is a powerful drink! =