May the Fourth Be With You
Serena Wong

04 May 2018

In honor of 5/4, Star Wars Day, we're taking a deeper look at the paradox of the Force in Star Wars. Eduardo Perez, an Assistant Professor of English, examines the paradox of the Force in George Lucas' Star Wars universe.

The Force, it is claimed, must be balanced—yet this is not quite the case. The balance of the Force is in direct contradiction to the desire for the good guys to win.

Is there a way for the franchise to satisfy both of these pulls? 

Read more to find out (WARNING: SPOILERS):

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Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Saturday, May 5, 2018 -- 12:15 PM

I suppose the force (and

I suppose the force (and balance thereof) are subject to some variation in the laws of physics, as we know them in our universe, "nearer to now, and pretty close to home". I know it is only the movies and science fiction and all, and this post is probably a playful rendering, asking how Hollywood might have done things better. But, since we cannot KNOW the state of physics affairs in that galaxy, long ago and far, far away, what the franchise may or may not do to satisfy the 'balance of the force' is even more speculative than how the force itself worked in the first place. This is all just fun, isn't it? Oh well, inasmuch as we have a national hot dog day, we may as well have a day for Star Wars, force or no force.