Hail to the Chief of Philosophy
Devon Strolovitch

19 January 2017

Today is Barack Obama's last full day in office as the 44th President of the United States. As Producer I'll leave the philosophical implications of that to John an Ken, and instead present a sample of one of my favorites parts of working on Philosophy Talk, the one-minute billboard that opens each program. Preparing these for live broadcasts involves searching for music and media clips that complement the hosts' questions and observations, and President Obama has provided me with some pretty good material over the last eight years. Of course I started on the show during the term of George W. Bush, who was no slouch when it came to unintentional humor, and I've also mined recording of others Commanders-in-Chief (and would-be Commanders-in-Chief) where (in)appropriate. Lord knows what the 45th POTUS will offer us in terms of soundbites, but for now please enjoy what's already in the can.