The Examined Year: 2023—American Futures

Sunday, December 31, 2023

What Is It

When Ken Taylor passed away, he was working on a manuscript titled Farewell to the Republic We Once Dreamed of. Was Ken right to think the American experiment is on the verge of collapse? Are we heading for authoritarian rule, a national divorce, or even a “slow civil war”? Or could better days be on the horizon? In Ken’s honor, Josh and Ray dare to hope, alongside Barbara Walter from UC San Diego, Tamsin Shaw from New York University, and Rob Reich from Stanford University.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023 -- 2:39 AM

As a futurist, examining the

As a futurist, examining the year 2023 through the lens of American futures provides insights into societal, technological, and political trajectories. Navigating this buy cheap diamond rings terrain demands an adaptive mindset, embracing change while fostering resilience. It's a dynamic journey where understanding current trends shapes a nuanced perspective on the unfolding future.

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