20th Anniversary Quiz Night

Sunday, July 14, 2024
First Aired: 
Sunday, January 28, 2024

What Is It

Philosophy Talk made its radio debut on August 20, 2003 with a live pilot on KALW San Francisco and weekly broadcasts beginning in January 2004. To celebrate two decades on the air, in November 2023 we held our first-ever Quiz Night. Longtime listeners and first-time fans filled KALW's popup space in downtown San Francisco as Director of Research Laura Maguire ran eight teams through the gauntlet of a philosophical pub quiz. In this special 20th anniversary episode, Josh and Ray (who participated in the quiz as regular contestants) revisit the drama and intellectual derring-do from that evening with their guest quiz-taker, host emeritus John Perry.



Josh Landy  
What did Thomas Hobbes say was the mother of philosophy?

Ray Briggs  
Which famous actor played Aristotle in a movie?

Josh Landy  
What thinker's name can be anagrammed as "Ok Jazz Elvis"?