The 2021 Dionysus Awards

Sunday, August 1, 2021
First Aired: 
Sunday, April 11, 2021

What Is It

After a year in which "entertainment" took on a whole new meaning, what were the movies that challenged our assumptions and made us think about things in new ways? Josh and guest co-host Jeremy Sabol talk to philosophers and listeners as they present our eighth annual Dionysus Awards for the most thoughtful films of the past year, including:

  • Best Film Painting a World Without Men
  • Best Picture That Packs All of American History Into One Room
  • Trippiest Investigation of Identity (That Probably Should Have Ended Sooner)

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Tim Smith's picture

Tim Smith

Monday, April 12, 2021 -- 5:34 AM

2020 was a tragic year. Next

2020 was a tragic year. This year is likely still to feel the impact of the pandemic and social upheaval. I don't see a normal anytime soon... then this show. The Dionysus awards are a welcome norm from which to think about cinema.

These are worthy films, with good discussion, but I have to mention a movie that I'm sorry not to have made the show - 'OPERA,' the animated short by Erick Oh. If you want philosophy, it's here. You can't see it just once, either. There is just too much there.

The film depicts a complex society that goes through change, conflict, destruction, and rebirth. The whole movie is one long shot scrolling across the landscape of an ever-changing society. You can draw out all sorts of philosophical themes as the camera pans.

I caught this streaming on my home TV - as I caught many of the shows discussed in this show. With all the tragedy of 2020 - this was an excellent year for books, films, and thought, but I will be happy to share my screen with a live audience in the years to come. There is something unnatural streaming film, no matter how homey the big screen TV can be.

Thanks for this show!