The Examined Sports

Are you excited for baseball to start? Hoping for the basketball season to resume? Elated that you can now tune into soccer games (aka football matches) taking place on distant soils? If so, then this month's From the Archive is for you. Summer is in full swing, but most athletics are not, so we thought you might enjoy free access to our sports-related episodes for leisure-time listening. These shows discuss questions such as: Why should ethics be important in sports? Does athletic beauty exist and is it different from artistic beauty? Are the passions we have for our favorite sports teams irrational? And does commercialization undermine the values inherent in sport? While your favorite teams are embarking on their late-blooming seasons, think about these questions, and, y'know, get your head in the game. Happy listening!


The Athlete as Philosopher

Athletic Beauty

The Philosophy of Hoops


Ethics in Sport