Superpredators Old and New

In a recent speech, Trump painted a picture of humanoid predatory animals hell-bent on torturing, killing, and raping beautiful, innocent teenage girls. Trump’s speech should not be regarded as the return of the superpredator idea, because the idea that young Black and Latino males are roving, predatory beasts never really disappeared.

Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton on Politics and White Poverty

Are poor white Americans voting in their own best interests? Is it better to be poor in Bangladesh or in the Mississippi Delta? The Atlantic interviews Nobel-prize winning economist Angus Deaton.

A Country is a Country

A bizarre, somewhat tongue-in-cheek meditation by Point Maganize's Michael Kochin on the concept of a country. Part-historical, part-philospohical, the piece walks us through how America came about and what it meant that it did. The article struggles with the project of figuring out who should get to count as American, and thus touches on the immigration debate raging in American politics today. At its heart, the core question seems to be: what is America for?

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How to Honor Black History Month

February is Black History Month. But how should we honor the occasion—especially if you're white? In addition to recognizing black artists and intellectuals, is there a more sincere way to honestly reflect on your role in America's dark past? Philosopher George Yancy thinks we can do more.

[LIVE VIDEO] Philosophy Conference on Trump

Can philosophers help us come to grips with Trump and our current political situation?  Tune in to the live stream for the Penn conference on "Trump, Philosophy, and American Politics: Philosophical Implications of the 45th Presidency" and find out!  
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