Social Media

Is Facebook Morally Responsible?

If you’ve been following the news, you’re aware that the Delta variant of the Coronavirus is all around us. While it only poses a very minor risk to the vaccinated, it is wreaking havoc on the unvaccinated

Is Kanye a Philosopher?

Kanye West, best known for his music career, is now expanding into philosophy, as revealed in an interview with his interior designer. But the 'book' Kanye has in mind will find its medium not in printed pages, but in real-time tweets.

Millennials and Social Media, a Deadly Mix?

Millennials are taking part in a dangerous and bizarre activity, the "Tide Pod challenge," which has gone viral across social media. Perhaps a far more interesting and real hysteria is the moral panic that ensued among the public in reaction to the challenge.

How is the Internet Changing Friendships?

How is the internet changing the nature of friendships? Does social media strengthen friendships or make them more shallow? And can liking a friend's status or commenting on their Instagram meaningfully bolster your interactions with them in person?

Social media, knowledge of others, and self-knoweldge

A recent Radiolab podcast relates an amazing story about Allen Funt, the creator of the television show, Candid Camera.  Funt found himself on a plane that was being hijacked.  However, as Funt was by then well-known as the creator of the show, one of the passengers on the hijacked plane spotted Funt, started to grin and, pointing at Funt, yelled out, “we’re on Candid Camera!”  The rest of the people on the plane began to recognize Funt as well and, despite Funt’s protestations to