Is Philosophy Just Harder Than Science?

Whereas science has accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge about the world, philosophy hasn't produced conclusive answers to questions posed thousands of years ago. What's the reason for this difference? Could it be that philosophy is just harder than science?

Truth and Progress in Philosophy

Students of philosophy might sometimes get frustrated because they don’t get definitive answers to the sorts of questions that philosophers ask. But are these frustrations based on a misconception of the relationship between truth and progress in philosophy?

Will Innovation Kill Us?

Arguably, the single greatest threat to our continued existence on this planet is climate change. And we would not be facing this threat were it not for human ingenuity. After a mere two centuries or so of industrialization, our innovative activity on this planet has produced such a quantity of greenhouse gases that we are perilously close to the tipping point when climate change will accelerate on its own power, and nothing we do anymore will be able to stop it. Provided, that is, we don’t have a global nuclear meltdown first.