Philosophy of Language

Can Words Kill?

Can mere words be used to kill? Words can hurt and offend, but can they be lethal weapons? I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. We all can admit that words can hurt or offend. But I’m asking if they can literally kill?

Frege: The Invisible Anti-Semite

It is a little known fact that the German philosopher was a hard-core right-wing, anti-democrat, anti-liberal, racist, nationalist anti-Semite. While he died before the rise of Hitler, one can only speculate how he would've responded.

Ashley Madison, accommodation, and silencing

I recently read, with much interest, Jason Stanley’s How Propoganda Works and found it extremely stimulating and thought provoking.  It was exciting to see how Stanley sees his work in even the most arcane areas of formal philosophy (philosophy of language and epistemology) as bearing on the most important political issues our society faces—issues of racism and injustice in liberal democracies.  Equally as stimulating, has been following up on some of the sources Stanley cites as influencing his thinking on these

Does Language Affect Thought?

Does language affect the way you think about the world?