Continental Philosophy

Favorites in Continental Philosophy

Philosopher Simon Critchley offers his take on continental philosophy and some of its biggest hits. He discusses how the continental approach to philosophy is more practically relevant to lived experience and, interestingly, more aware of its history.

The Best of Analytic and Continental Philosophy

In a recent interview in What is It Like to be a Philosopher, Tina Fernandes Botts answered the age-old question of whether analytic and continental philosophy are really all that different in the final analysis. Although Botts tries to bridge the "divide," she somehow manages to duplicate the very same debilitating stereotypes of these two fields at the same time.

Why Is Analytic Philosophy Dominant?

How did analytic philosophy come to dominate Anglo-American philosophy departments? If you think it's because analytic philosophy is just superior, that might be your bias showing. Some seemingly important developments in the history of thought are determined by rather uninspiring and unglamorous contingencies like rivalries or personal idiosyncracies.