An Egalitarian Case for the SAT

The SAT has long been an important factor colleges consider when evaluating applicants, but it has also been the subject of abundant criticism regarding its ability to assess students fairly, without reflecting socioeconomic inequalities into college admissions.

Of Philosophy and Basketball

I’m reaching the end of a semester-long sabbatical, and will soon have to start thinking about preparing for the courses that I will be teaching in the spring semester. I love teaching. However, this time I’m rather less enthusiastic about climbing back in the academic saddle.

Can Free Speech Exclude?

Do bigots have an equal right to free speech? Do the marginalized have the right to silence bigots? Is excluding certain voices the best way to fight against oppression and marginalization?

Do Philosophy For Its Own Sake, Not for a Job

Should we encourage students to study philosophy because it turns out that it's actually a great way to make money and have a lucrative career? Or in doing so are we losing sight of the value of a philosophical education? Isn't philosophy essential for a democratic citizenry, for example?