[AUDIO] Why is Free Speech Important? (Ask a Comedian)

In this podcast of Free Speech Bites, Burmese comedian and filmmaker Zarganar shares his experiences of being silenced for controversial speech and explains why he sees freedom of expression as a significant issue to this day.

[AUDIO] What Role Should Anger Play in Our Lives?

Anger and outrage: useful emotions that we cannot ignore, or simply a base desire for revenge? Are these (sometimes violent) emotions something we should strive to move beyond, or do we have a right to their expression? When is anger appropriate, and in what ways can it be channeled, if at all?

[AUDIO] Do the Privileged Have Special Obligations?

Most of us recognize that, due to the circumstances we were born into, we are given certain advantages or disadvantages in life that others do not have. However, the further question of whether those with privilege have special obligations to the disadvantaged remains controversial.