Women's History Month: A Playlist

March is Women's History Month, so we've highlighted a few episodes you might add to your upcoming listening. The playlist below is hardly exhaustive; women- and gender-related issues come up in all sorts of programs. That said, there are certainly other relevant topics and historical figures to which we haven't devoted whole programs. Got suggestions? Send an email to comments@philosophytalk.org.

As Producer, it's less women's issues than women's presence on the program that I find us struggling with. Professional philosophy and its associated fields are, to say the least, male-dominated. We urge our undergraduate researchers, in their pitches for programs, to propose female guests as often as possible -- if for no other reason than to distinguish them aurally from our male hosts. But given the researchers' still-limited exposure to the field and all the other well-known pressures, it can be hard to achieve a gender balance in our roster of guests. But please be assured we try.