Democracy in America

America’s so-called democracy is under serious strain these days. And not just because of the November election and its aftermath. The cracks and tensions in our democracy have been building for a long time. But some, including me (Ken), fear that the system may soon be stressed to the breaking point. Since this summer clearly has the potential to be a long, hot one for our country, we thought we’d start out the season with a deeper look at Democracy in America. We’ve done a host of episodes over the years on the topic of democracy. We've discussed Corporations and the Future of Democracy with former Senator Russ Feingold. We've examined Democracy in Crisis with Francis Fukuyama. We’ve asked whether democracy is a universal value, with Larry Diamond. We’ve delved into the Radical Democracy movement, John Dewey's ideal of democracy, and the philosophy of John Rawls. We’ve discussed mandatory voting, the two-party system and much more. And we're far from done examining the topic. Soon we will examine Jürgen Habermas’s vision of democracy. Enjoy listening to these episodes, and also take a look at my related blog post. Because we love democracy and suspect that you do too, we invite you to take a deep dive with us into the problems and prospects of Democracy in America.


And if that's not enough, here are some more episodes in our archives to deepen your democracy dive: