Co•nun•drum n. 1. a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words. 2. anything that puzzles. 3. a segment of the program Philosophy Talk in which our hosts use philosphical reasoning to help listeners work through real problems in their lives.

Got one for us? If you're bedeviled by a conundrum in your own life, send it to, and our crack staff will consider your puzzle. If we think that the Philosophers can clear up your confusion (or just have have some fun with you and your quandary), we may contact you to arrange a brief recording, so be sure to provide information about where we can reach you. Please also include some background information or a personal story about your conundrum so we know how it occurred to you and why it's important.

Some sample Conundrums:

• Should I give money to a panhandler even if I don't approve of what he or she may do with it?
• Is it right to feel guilty about a misdeed that I honestly cannot remember committing?
• If a business has a blanket prohibition against hiring ex-felons, should an ex-felon lie in order to secure employment?

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