Is 'The Will of the People' Sacred?
Sun Lee

26 March 2018

One golden standard of successful democracy is whether its political decisions and institutions adequately reflect the will of the people.

But what exactly is this will of the people? The will of the people can be a very elusive concept. Is it the sum of constituent preferences or is it something beyond that? And why is it so revered?

This article by John Elledge criticizes how we often think that the will of the people makes everything right. He highlights how fickle and erroneous the will of the people can be.

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Potiphar S Flagrum's picture

Potiphar S Flagrum

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 -- 10:28 AM

Considering how our last two

Considering how our last two options for president of the United States was Trump or Hillary that either one of those two made it that far and people are willing to fight to put one of those two in the White House shows the intellect of the average human being. Smart people aren't dumb enough to vote, it is little more than a empty ritual.