[VIDEO] What Is Metaethics?
Spencer Giel

14 April 2017


Most of us probably have some ideas about what constitutes our personal brand of ethics: questions about what is morally right and wrong pervade philosophy and everyday life. But what about metaethics? What is the difference between a moral realist and anti-realist? Between a moral absolutist and cultural relativist? Which one are you? Examining these broader categorizations of ethical thought could help you gain a better grasp of some of your underlying metaethical beliefs, your beliefs about what morality is. 

In this episode of Crash Course Philosophy, we are given a brief overview of several metaethical stances, as well as an introduction to what makes an ethical theory. 

Where do you stand on the metaethical spectrum? Are you a moral realist or anti-realist? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Saturday, April 15, 2017 -- 1:23 PM

Great video and great post! I

Great video and great post! I've always felt like morality was relative, but I've never really been sure how to spell this view out. Glad to hear that smart people are working on these questions.