The Not-So-Goodness of Liberalism?
Serena Wong

18 April 2018

Is liberalism really the "unmitigated good" many of us Westerners believe it is? Is more freedom always a good thing?

Shadi Hamid explores these questions about Western liberalism, the "political order that privileges non-negotiable rights, personal freedoms, and individual autonomy," not to be confused with liberalism, meaning the left of American politics.

Hamid questions the so-called ideological neutrality of liberalism, perhaps in contrast to its common description as a "neutral bystander," and its relation to the rise of Western illiberalism and ethno-nationalism, especially in Europe.

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Harold G. Neuman's picture

Harold G. Neuman

Monday, April 23, 2018 -- 11:27 AM

There have been numerous

There have been numerous 'takes' on the entire liberalism thing, and I wonder where any of it makes much difference. Anyone who is ideologically anal in any sense is also, quite probably, opposed to anything that questions or is contrary to the embraced ideology. This is the foundation of debate, as conflict and competition are foundations of the social world. A balanced approach, however rational it may be, is certain to elicit disdain and disrespect from one quarter or another: 'Flaming, bleeding-heart liberal! He doesn't stand for anything...' During the last two or three weeks, political rhetoric and muck-raking has ramped up to deafening levels. I am so weary of hearing the phrase Christian conservative, I could just scream. Then I stop myself and think: why bother? No one is listening.