The First Ever Online Philosophy Conference
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17 January 2006

We would like to take this opportunity to announce the 1st Annual On-line Philosophy Conference (OPC), which is tentatively to begin on Friday, April 7th (2006). The first installment of OPC will be hosted on the newly created On-line Philosophy Conference Blog and will include invited papers by some of today's top junior and senior philosophers, such as Stephen Stich, Jonathan Kvanvig, John Martin Fischer, Alfred Mele, Julia Driver, Terence Horgan, Graham Priest, R.A. Duff, Thomas Hurka, Susanna Siegel, Brian Weatherson, Uriah Kriegel, Manuel Vargas, Kit Wellman, Joshua Gert, Joshua Knobe, Brie Gertler, Jessica Wilson, Benj Hellie, Amie Thomasson, Elizabeth Harman, Noa Latham, Andy Egan, and Neil Levy (with a few more in the works).

The goal of OPC is to give scholars a much wider audience for their working papers, while at the same time saving everyone (both individuals and departments) the cost of travel stipends, etc. Moreover, we humbly believe that hosting an on-line philosophy conference would be an excellent way of fostering philosophy's growing presence on the web.

To find out more and possibly submit a paper, go to the OPC Website.

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Monday, October 19, 2009 -- 5:00 PM

Here is my question: Given that there is no phenot

Here is my question: Given that there is no phenotypical basis for race, why do you think the belief that there is prevails within the contemporary United States?
Also, could you please help me understand Jorge Gracia's concept of "common bundle view of race" in terms of Naomi Zack's argument about phenotype and race?
Thank you!