Feminism and Philosophy's Future
Eliane Mitchell

21 November 2017

Male philosophers may think feminist philosophy has nothing to offer them. Yet feminist philosophy has already enriched analytic philosophy and promises to deepen philosophers' "serious engagement" with continental thinkers, argues Gary Gutting in this article from The Stone. Feminist philosophy, he writes, is much more than a political movement in this regard.

To give an earlier example in history, Gutting reminds readers that anayltic philosophy dominated in the philosophical establishment in the 1970s and 80s. "The pluralists" of philosophy though, comprised of pragmatists, metaphysicians, continental philosophers, post-structuralists, and critical theorists, challenged analytic philosophy's eminence in the APA, allowing the pluralists to gain more power and esteem. Gutting sees feminist philosophy as following a similar trend, but to an even greater extent. Its strong analytic arguments and emphasis on "situated knowledge" has already deepened the "masculinist view of knowledge" which, under structures of male-established and dominated practices, had previously been ignored.

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