Backstage Live with Philosophy Talk
Philosophy Talk

03 October 2005

On Sunday,  November 6th, 11:30 - 1:30,  we will be produce an episode of Philosophy Talk in front of a live audience on the Stanford Campus.  Our guest will be Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. The episode will be taped and broadcast at a later date.  Our topic will be  Legislating Values. 

This is a special "thank-you" available to those who contribute at least $50.00 to KALW during the fall membership drive.  There are still seats available.  We invite you to join us for this radio happening.  Be part of the show!  Mingle with the Philosophy Talk team! Enjoy light food and drink!   There are still tickets available.   Currently, you can get one by donating on-line  here  and noting in the box labeled  "Comments for KALW"  that you wish to attend Backstage Live with Philosophy Talk.   (Soon the KALW website will be updated with a special link for this event.)

This is one  of what we hope will be a series of episodes performed in  front of live audiences for later broadcast.   We already have a second scheduled for  October 27th, in Sacramento, where  we will put the show on in front of 200 or so Stanford Alumni.   

We are currently discussing the possibility of taking the show up to Oregon and doing a live episode with the folks there, who never get to hear us live, except via the internet.   You Oregonians,  if you want that to happen,  let the good folks at  OPB know.