[AUDIO] When Driverless Cars Go Wrong
Spencer Giel

23 May 2017

The introduction of driverless cars to our roads brings with it moral and legal questions that we have never faced before. These new vehicles, controlled by artificial intelligence, are promised to make driving safer. However, with the inevitability of accidents, who is to blame for the harm caused by them? Does this responsibility lie with the car manufacturers, or must we simply accept that sometimes accidents happen? 

David Edmonds speaks with John Danaher on this episode of Philosophy 24/7, "Robots and Retribution". In a future with more and more controlled by artificial intelligence, how will we manage our desires for the punishment of wrongs?


Interested in the moral difficulties that arise from artificial intelligence and driverless cars? Check out tomorrow's live taping of Driverless Cars at the Moral Crossroads on the Stanford campus with pscyhologist Joshua Greene.

For more details about the event, see: https://www.philosophytalk.org/event/5698