[AUDIO] Can a Riot be Justifiable?
Spencer Giel

19 April 2017

Political riots: are they a legitimate method for the people to express their discontent, or too chaotic and uncontrollable to be deemed effective? On one hand, they can draw attention to the important political issues that might otherwise not receive appropriate media coverage or public attention. On the other hand, they often result in the destruction of property and serious injuries to the police and public alike. When a demonstration turns violent, can the violence ever be justified? 

David Edmonds of Philosophy 24/7 speaks with Avia Pasternak about whether "The Just Riot" is possible in this podcast.


What do you think? Can the benefits of a violent protest outweigh the costs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017 -- 11:09 PM

Riot is either politically

Riot is either politically motivated or religiously induced; in any way it is the result of manipulation of powerful people who are working behind the mob.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017 -- 11:14 PM

Riot is justifiable if the

Riot is justifiable if the intention of the rioters is to fight for their liberty, justice and equality. Violence is sometimes necessary in order to obtain what is right. Tyrants most of the times are deaf when it comes to the appeal of the oppress people. Therefore, though it is not ideal sometimes riot is inevitable in order to express your own voice. Some riots in history ultimately resulted in a full scale revolution just like what happened in the French Revolution.