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What philosophers, philosophies, or philosophical issues do you want to read up on this summer? Leibniz's Monadology not be the obvious choice to take on vacation, but there are lots of readable,...

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Recent Shows

  • July 26 : The Power and Peril of Satire
    Satire is everywhere – in conversations with friends, in books, on television, and online. When...
  • July 19 : Neuroscience and Free Will
    We like to think of ourselves as rational agents who exercise conscious control over most of our...

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In the wake of the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo, many argued that, while it was clearly wrong to murder the cartoonists for their incendiary work, much of it did cross a line, that it was unnecessarily mean and nasty, and that it targeted the oppressed and disenfranchised rather than just the powerful elite.

July 27, 2015 | 17 comments | Read More »

Are our choices ever truly free? Some neuroscientists claim that there is simply no such thing as free will, that the feeling we sometimes have of freely choosing is just an illusion. But what's their evidence for such sweeping claims?

July 16, 2015 | 23 comments | Read More »

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