Pride and the Changing Family

Here in Northern California, anyone who's not living under a rock knows that June is LGBTQ Pride Month. And since those who produce radio shows live by editorial calendars, we think it only fitting to feature related episodes in this month's From the Archive. We're starting out by providing two freely streaming episodes that directly explore LGBTQ issues. First we have Queerness, where John and Ken examine the concepts of gender and sexuality with Susan Stryker of University of Arizona. Then the philosophers look at Gay Pride and Prejudice with San Francisco State's Gilbert Herdt and question (among many other things) whether the uproar over homosexuality qualifies as moral panic.

We also acknowledge that LGBTQ issues are a part of a broader idea—the evolution of the family unit. So we're providing you with additional episodes that discuss this changing landscape. The Postmodern Family explores the structure, function, and evolution of the family with Stanford's Michael Rosenfeld. Guest Tamara Metz of Reed College joins the philosophers to question whether marriage should be abolished, and then Carrie Jenkins of University of British Columbia helps us ponder the ethics of Polyamory. So relax, grab your favorite iced beverage, and enjoy listening!